Bow from Dad's plant

Summer of 1994

The following video was clipped from the 1994 reunion at K&L. It is special because several people in attendance didn’t normally come and some are no longer with us.  The camera was placed quite a distance from the people being filmed so the voices don’t match up.  I didn’t remove the sound because some may find it humorous.

Grandpa Winnard

This is a picture of Grandpa Winnard.  To the best of my knowledge it was taken around 1956 before he died in 1958.  That’s all I know so if anyone knows more, please provide the information via comments or email.

Recognize Anyone!

If my memory serves me well, this was taken around Easter (1983 or 1984?) at Grandma Winnard’s.  Has anybody changed?  The babies in the picture are now as old as some of us older ones were then.  Click on the picture to see  a larger version.  Lots of perms…..I think everyone in the picture probably has a few gray hairs…

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Spread the Word!

If you’re visiting this page, there is a good chance that you are related to the Winnards, Kirkhams or both.  Check back often for updates.  We need more participation because I won’t post specific family information unless it is approved by that family. I’m putting specific family information in pages on the right.  If you are a Winnard and have…

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Welcome Winnards!

I decided to setup this site so I can do live updates from any computer instead of being tied to my desk and my website software. I’ll be posting more old pictures soon.  If you would like to provide pictures or share information about you’re family, I can do it here. One thing to remember, if it’s posted here, it’s…

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