Robert E. Winnard

Robert Earl Winnard Here we are, once again, to say goodbye. Dad didn’t want a funeral or memorial service. He didn’t like attending them and wasn’t fond of the “fire and brimstone” doctrine with which he was raised. He had a personal, private relationship with God. We did however find his baptism certificate in his […]

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Laced Vintage Blooms

Laced Vintage Blooms

If you are interested in a local wedding florist for Dibble/Blanchard, complete the following form and the contact information for Laced Vintage Blooms will be emailed. Tisha McGaha Greenwalt is family and she would love to give the personal touch to your event. Tisha specializes in weddings but can handle most special occasions. Your email

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Bow from Dad's plant

Summer of 1994

The following video was clipped from the 1994 reunion at K&L. It is special because several people in attendance didn’t normally come and some are no longer with us. The camera was placed quite a distance from the people being filmed so the voices don’t match up. I didn’t remove the sound because some may

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