Robert’s Family

If your looking for the original (at least in my opinion) Robert Winnard, that’s my dad. There are 4 of us, Roberta, Darla, Eddie and Bobbie.

  • I’m a grandma and live in Texas.
  • Darla is a grandma and lives in Florida.
  • Eddie is a grandpa and lives in Oklahoma.
  • Bobbie is a young mom and lives in Oklahoma.

I’ll put more information here as it is approved by my siblings. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Robert’s Family”

  1. Hey there Winnards

    After a very vain “google your own name” I fell upon your site and just thought seeing as I share the same name as your Father I would just say hi from me and the UK based Winnards !!

  2. Glad you found us! My brother has done some research and most of the Winnard’s we find are in the UK! I understand the “google your own name” thing. I do it all the time trying to find out how my pages rank!

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