Hummingbird from Dad's plant

The Old Winnard Homestead

Wow, it’s hard to believe that Grandma actually lived in this house until her house was built in the early 70’s. This is the place where most of my childhood memories with her were made. We also spent a lot of time at Grandma Kirkham’s house, especially in the winter or when the weather was too bad to get to this house. Many a switch was taken from that tree!

See the add on at the east end? That was the bathroom. I don’t remember running water ever going to the bathtub but I remember the old wash tub. The first one in got clean water and everyone else got a hefty does of liquid Lysol. I still use Lysol and think about that house when I smell original Lysol.

When I was really young Grandma still had cows and milked them every morning. I remember being awakened by the cream separator ding! I remember going to the barn a couple of times but I think she thought it was less hassle to let me sleep. That must be why I call it the old farm house.

I always felt welcome there. I welcome comments about your experience in this house.

I know that every person’s recollection is different. I’ve had discussions with cousins who remember things very differently but we are all products of our own mind. Just sayin’!