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She would have been 100!

Yesterday was May 10, 2012.  Mozelle Kirkham Winnard would have been 100.

It’s hard to believe that Grandma has been gone for 9 years!  She passed 3 days before her 91st birthday in 2003 and we held her funeral and said goodbye on that day.    This picture of her 7 children and their spouses was taken that day in the church foyer.

Mozelle Winnard's children on the day of her funeral in 2003.

Grandma Winnard at Apache

This is a picture of Mozelle Winnard while visiting Apache probably in 1990 or 1991 since I think Mike was a HS Senior.  Except Elizabeth who wasn’t yet born, all of Robert’s grand kids are in the picture.  They are grandma’s great grand kids, Robert, Lindsay, Erika, Charles and Michael.  You can see a bigger version if you click on the picture.  The resolution is low so it’s a bit grainy. I’ll be scanning more pictures as I find them….