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Grandma Winnard at Apache

This is a picture of Mozelle Winnard while visiting Apache probably in 1990 or 1991 since I think Mike was a HS Senior.  Except Elizabeth who wasn’t yet born, all of Robert’s grand kids are in the picture.  They are grandma’s great grand kids, Robert, Lindsay, Erika, Charles and Michael.  You can see a bigger version if you click on the picture.  The resolution is low so it’s a bit grainy. I’ll be scanning more pictures as I find them….

The New Winnard Homestead

This house was built a little west of the old place.  It was close enough to walk over and check it out.  I’m not sure when they finally tore the rest of it down.  I moved away in 1972 and didn’t come back to Oklahoma until 1977 so I missed a lot.  I think Grandma is standing on the porch with her scarecrow.  She always had a big garden and lots of fruit trees.  She had to put up a fence to keep the cows from eating too much fruit.  They still got enough. Their necks could really stretch over that fence.  I posted a picture awhile back that was taken in the front yard of this house and it was in color!  Imagine that…I’ll dig out pictures of holidays when it was cold outside and we were all inside…talk about crowded.

Recognize Anyone!

Family at the farm

Family At Grandma Winnard’s new place.

If my memory serves me well, this was taken around Easter (1983 or 1984?) at Grandma Winnard’s.  Has anybody changed?  The babies in the picture are now as old as some of us older ones were then.  Click on the picture to see  a larger version.  Lots of perms…..I think everyone in the picture probably has a few gray hairs by now.  🙂

I have a few (pictures, certainly not more gray hairs) more but it’ll be awhile before I scan them.  I’m trying to find the disc with the old pictures Eddie and Linda put together.  I’ll post them with as much information as I have.  Please feel free to leave comments.  You’ll have to provide your name and email to register.  By doing so you also give permission for me (Roberta or another family administrator) to contact you via email but we won’t share your information without your permission.

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